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Durable and precise dichroic glass color filters that don’t fade over time

Dichroic filters are durable glass color filters that transmit specific wavelengths of light and reflect the rest of the spectrum, rather than absorb it – which means colors that don’t fade over time and increased light transmission compared to plastic color filters. Manufactured using the highest quality coatings, Rosco Permacolor Dichroic Filters offer designers a long-life filter solution that is durable enough to withstand the extreme temperatures of moving-lights and architectural light fixtures. Permacolor Dichroic Filters are available in a palette of over 60 standard colors.

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Rosco Manufactures Its Own Dichroic Glass

We are the only color filter company that manufactures its own dichroic glass. Instead of sourcing unwanted dichroics in bulk from industrial manufacturers, we make our dichroic filters in our plant located in Round Rock, Texas. This enables us to attenuate our dichroic chamber for superior color consistency and repeatability so that the filter you order today will match the same filter you receive a year from now – or ten years from now. Selling off-loaded bulk dichroics doesn’t allow for that kind of reliability.

Large Palette of Colors

The Permacolor palette of standard colors includes a large variety of saturated colors, as well as subtle, pale color-tints. We also offer an engineered set of correction filters, including Neutral-Densities, CTOs, CTBs, and Minus Greens that precisely match industry standards for color-correcting light fixtures. Whether you’re looking for a permanent CTB filter for a broadcast studio, an accent filter to warm up an LED architectural fixture, or a vibrant blue filter to go inside the moving-lights you’re about to send out on tour, Rosco Permacolor Dichroic Glass Filters offer a permanent color filter solution for any long-term project using high-temperature light fixtures.

Technical & Protective Filters

Our unique dichroic glass manufacturing process enables us to engineer specific coatings that provide protection from radiant heat or create specialized lighting effects. These filters include a UV Filter that removes ultra violet wavelengths and IR/UV “Hot Mirror” that reflects infrared and near UV energy – both of which are perfect for museum and architectural applications. We also provide UV-Pass filters that can turn a UV-rich light source into a black light that creates glowing UV effects.

Library Colors

If there is a color needed that is not included in our standard Permacolor range, we may have that color available as a Rosco Library Color. We inventory several non-standard colors that are available on the shelf for immediate purchase. These colors are an excellent choice if you’re trying to match an existing Roscolux, E-Colour+ or GamColor filter with a dichroic solution. Please note that we cannot guaranty the same color-consistency from batch-to-batch in our stock of Library Colors that we offer in our standard Permacolor range. Contact us for further information and to check available stock.

Rosco Permacolor dichroic filters are manufactured to exacting tolerances in a state-of-the-art, 36" vacuum deposition chamber. This optimally sized manufacturing line allows for unprecedented control of color and film density. Permacolor filters are extremely durable and precisely repeatable, meeting the high expectations of entertainment and architectural lighting designers throughout the world.

For best performance and durability, Permacolor filters must be installed with the coated side of the glass towards the light source. Viewing the filter on the edge will help you determine which side of the glass is coated. Permacolor filters should be installed at 90º to the light path. Improperly installed filters may exhibit a color shift.

Permacolor filters should not be used with extreme wide angle (>40º) fixtures. In certain instances, color fringing towards the edges of the field of light may occur. This color shift is cosmetic only, and will not otherwise affect the performance of the filter. Please test with your fixture to ensure acceptable results.

Description of Film: All films are manufactured using dielectric materials (TiO2 and SiO2) that are evaporated by an electron beam source in a high vacuum (10x-6 torr) and high temperature (>240°C) environment. This produces a dense film (85-90% packing density) that is highly resistant to damage from abrasion, humidity, chemicals and spectral radiation. Under normal conditions, the life expectancy of these films is greater than 10 years. However, dielectric films are porous by nature. Long term exposure to high humidity or high temperature environments, may cause color shifts of +5 nm.


Available Sizes: 20 - 343mm round or 10 - 242mm square

Cutting Tolerance: + .5mm

Standard Thickness: 1.75mm +.2mm

Optional Thicknesses: 1.1mm +.2mm or 3.3mm +.2mm

Aperture: > 95% (guaranteed useable area)

Surface Defects: 80 - 50- Mil. O-13830 Scratch/Dig Test (.08mm Scratch or .5mm Dig per 20 sq. Viewed by unaided eye w/40 watt source)

Adhesion: Passes Mil. C-48497 (Cellophane Tape Test)

Abrasion: Passes Mil. C-48497 (Moderate; 50 strokes with cheesecloth under 1 lb. force, and Severe, 20 strokes with coarse eraser under 2 lbs. of force)

Temperature: Short Term (< 1 hour): -50° C to 450° C | Maximum Continuous (> 24 hours): 200° C

RTD < 90K (hot spotting)

Humidity: Passes Mil. C-48497 (95 - 100% at 50° C per 24 hour period)

Color Tolerance: + 5nm of designed Half Height

Angle of Incidence: 0° to 45°. Minimal shift (+ 5nm) towards shorter wavelengths beyond this range.

Transmission: Spectral distribution curves are available for all Permacolor filters. Contact Rosco for specifics.

Definition of Failure:
All tests are based on the mechanical properties of the film to resist cracking, flaking, peeling or blistering. They do not include spectral performance or color shifting tolerances caused by extreme temperature and humidity conditions. These are highlighted as side notes within appropriate subjects.

The statements regarding the above subjects are theoretical in nature and are assumed to be accurate. Testing for adhesion and abrasion was performed on a 3" x 3" sample of No.3650 Woods Glass, the thickest coating available in the Permacolor range and therefore most likely to fail during testing. Additionally, a "Torch Test" was conducted in which the coated surface of the filter was slowly heated with a propane torch until the substrate failed (~450° C) with no visible damage done to the coating.

120 PERMA 1999

Permacolor 1.1mm Thick

120 PERMA 2999

Permacolor 1.75mm Thick

120 PERMA 3999

Permacolor 3.3mm Thick

Please note Permacolor number and size when ordering.

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