Designers have long needed safe, light-weight, mirror-like reflective surfaces for a variety of scenic effects.

Rosco Mirrors not only replace the need for dangerous, heavy, breakable glass mirrors, they extend the designer's palette of reflective scenic materials. There are seven different Roscomirrors, each designed for specific applications. All are fabricated in a tear resistant plastic film that is self-extinguishing.

Thin Silver Mirror and Thin Gold Mirror are lightweight but durable films. They can be easily slit, wrapped around scenic elements or tacked on to frames (1.5 mil)

Flexible Silver Mirror is a durable, vinyl backed film. It is our best choice for laminating due to its thickness. (6.5 mil)

Rigid Silver Mirror and Rigid Gold Mirror provide a mirrored surface that is less prone to surface movement due to actors or ambient breezes than any other Roscomirror. (7 mil)

359 03906 4830

Flexible Silver - 48" x 30' (122cm x 9m) Roll

359 03925 6030

Thin Silver - 60" x 30' (152cm x 9m) Roll

359 03927 6030

Thin Gold - 60" x 30' (152cm x 9m) Roll

359 03930 5130

Rigid Gold - 51" x 30' (130cm x 9m) Roll

359 03931 5130

Rigid Silver - 51" x 30' (130cm x 9m) Roll