LitePad Vector® CCT

Powerful • Compact • Portable

LitePad Vector is the light fixture cinematographers, gaffers, videographers, lighting directors and photographers choose for on-location lighting. LitePad Vector CCT creates the same soft, even illumination that LitePad is known for, now with four times the output of its 12"x12" LitePad predecessors. With a tunable color temperature range of 3000K - 6000K, and its light-weight, compact form-factor LitePad Vector is the ideal lighting solution for location interviews, mobile documentaries and television/feature film productions. Thanks to its on-board dimming & color temperature controls, and its compatibility with standard Anton/Bauer or V-Mount battery packs, the LitePad Vector easily goes everywhere a flattering, soft light is needed.

Powerful, Beautiful Illumination

LitePad Vector produces incredibly bright light output that is soft and flattering - without external diffusion. Vector is able to produce 1500 Lux at 1m with a CRI of up to 93, creating a high volume of light that will beautifully illuminate scenic elements and render gorgeous skin tones on camera.

Compact, Rugged Design

LitePad Vector's 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) LED engine is encased in an anodized, aluminum housing that is only 2.75" thick. The CCT unit has on-board controls for dimming and color temperature selection to match any existing lighting condition. With optional accessories like a rain cover for wet locations - the compact LitePad Vector will create beautiful illumination wherever it's needed.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing only four and a half pounds (2 kg), LitePad Vector was designed for mobility. Using a universal, 100-240VAC power supply, and consuming a meager 65W of power, the fixture can be plugged into any outlet around the globe. Couple that with its ability to run off of standard Anton/Bauer and V-Mount battery packs, and the LitePad Vector is ready to go everywhere you need it to.

What's In The Box

LitePad Vector CCT LED fixture with yoke and 100-240VAC power supply

5/8" (16mm) light stand receiver


Dimensions & Weights






Dimensions (excluding yoke)

8.25" (210 mm)

8.25" (210 mm)

2.82" (72 mm)

4.3 lbs (1.95 kg)

Dimensions (including yoke & receiver)

9.7" (246 mm)

12.5" (318 mm)

2.82" (72 mm)

4.5 lbs (2.0 kg)



Color Temperature Range: 3000K - 6000K





Lux @ 1m



Color Metrics















Input Voltage: 12VDC

Power Supply: Universal 100-240VAC input/12VDC-24VDC output

Power Consumption: 65W

Data: DMX 512 - RJ45 In/Out



Housing: Anodized Aluminum (Black)

Approvals: TUV/UL1573 and 8750



IP61 Rated


Product Number

292 00808 0120

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