DMX Iris

Having complete control over the beam spread of your leko just got easier. The Rosco DMX Iris is quiet, dependable, affordable, and a perfect complement to the I-Cue Intelligent Mirror. This 24 leaf motorized iris unit can be used with your ETC Source Four, Selecon Pacific or most other modern lekos. Unlike other iris units that have only 18 or fewer leaves in the aperture, the Rosco DMX Iris creates an even edged, perfectly round aperture all the way down to its smallest diameter. Using 1 channel of DMX512, the DMX Iris's movement is smooth even along very slow cross fades. A microprocessor controlled stepper motor connects to the mechanical arm of the iris unit, replacing the unreliable noisy chain drive system found in other products. A manual knob lets you use the DMX Iris without DMX control just by dialing in the aperture size you want, just as you would a conventional iris unit. The Rosco DMX Iris requires a non-dim circuit and is auto-sensing from 100-240 volts for use anywhere in the world. No costly external PSU is needed.

Specifications Power Input 100 -240 v 50-60 hz, < 500 mA power draw

Cord 18AWG 3C SJT, IEC/NEMA Connector


Motor 24v 1.8° Stepper Type

Aperture 10mm - 75mm

Mechanism 24 leaf iris, bonded stainless steel

Temp 450° C at iris leaves


Product Number

205 74500 0000

DMX Iris

DMX Iris Manual

Rosco DMX Iris Video

Case Study: Spotlighting Key Moments On Stage Using Rosco’s I-Cue & DMX Iris