Digital After Dark® Filter Kit

Kevin Adams, founder of the Digital After Dark® blog, worked with us to assemble a kit of lighting filters to use after the sun has set. The kit contains one piece each of 27 different color filters that will help you create several different nighttime lighting effects.

  • Blue filters, including some CTB's, for creating cool-lit lighting effects such as moonlight or enhancing water or ice elements in your shot.
  • Yellow, straw and orange filters for enhancing interior light, fire/candle light and for balancing your strobe to street lights.
  • A generous variety of vibrant effect colors for light painting or enhancing other light-elements in your shot such as neon signs or stop lights.

Sheet size: One 12" x 12" (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm) cut each of 27 different color filters

Product Numbers


Digital After Dark® Kit, 12" x 12"

Digital After Dark® Filter Kit Data Sheet

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372 Theatre Booster 2
3206 Third Blue
3202 Three Quarter Blue
65 Daylight Blue
74 Night Blue
72 Azure Blue
66 Cool Blue
4360 CalColor 60 Cyan
11 Light Straw
14 Medium Straw
15 Deep Straw
3443 Quarter Straw
3442 Half Straw
3441 Full Straw
10 Medium Yellow
21 Golden Amber
3152 Urban Vapor
3150 Industrial Vapor
2001 Storaro Red
19 Fire
3308 Tough Minusgreen
2010 Storaro Magenta
357 Royal Lavender
388 Gaslight Green
86 Pea Green
389 Chroma Green
117 Tough ½ White Diffusion