2-Head LitePad Vector® Backpack Kit

Powerful • Compact • Portable

Whether it's on top of a mountain, deep inside an ice cave or an office building across town during rush hour, some locations are more remote than others - but they all need proper lighting. The LitePad Vector Backpack Kit is the lighting solution for any location - wherever it may be. The kit contains two Vector CCT or Daylight fixtures inside a durable, pro-grade backpack, which has empty slots for two Rosco LitePad light stands on either side. It also contains two Carabiner Bottle Holders that can be used as an innovative way to stabilize your lighting setup by clipping on your own filled water bottle to add weight to your light stands. This rugged LitePad Vector Backpack Kit allows shooters to sling two Vectors on their backs so that their lighting can trek with them, wherever their project takes them.

What's In The Kit:

(2) LitePad Vector LED fixtures with yokes and 100-240VAC power supplies

(1) Pro-grade LitePad Vector Backpack

Part Number: 292000808400

(2) 5/8" (16mm) Light Stand Receivers

Part Number: 515910260001

(2) LitePad Vector Rain Covers

Part Number: 292000808300

(2) LitePad Carabiner Bottle Holders

Part Number: 292000808500


Dimensions & Weights





13" (330 mm)

18.5" (470 mm)

10" (254 mm)

18 lbs (8.2 kg)


Part Numbers:


2-Head LitePad Vector CCT Backpack Kit


2-Head LitePad Vector Daylight Backpack Kit

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