Miro Cube® 2 4C & 4CA

Architectural Resource Gallery

The National Museum of the U.S. Army

Designers integrated a variety of Rosco LED fixtures inside The National Museum of the U.S. Army to illuminate over 245 years of Army history.

Architectural Resource Gallery

Gare de Saint-Jérôme

Designers used Rosco X-Effects LED Projectors to create a flowing river of light at the starting point of a popular bicycle trail in Quebec, Canada.

Scenic Resource Gallery

FoamCoat sculptural technique

Artist Dan Schneiger shares his “FoamCoat technique” for creating Neo-Brutalist sculpture, furniture and lamps out of foam and other multi-media elements.

Architectural Resource Gallery

Hidden City

The artists at Knomad Colab used Rosco Image Spot Minis to create window projections for a series of pop-up light art activations around Philadelphia.

Architectural Resource Gallery

The Wishing Tree

Lighting Designer Dorothy Underwood simulated “a breeze blowing through the leaves” with subtle lighting effects created by Rosco X-Effects LED Projectors.

Architectural Resource Gallery

Stapferhaus Museum

Rosco Cube LED fixtures provide the Stapferhaus museum with exhibit lighting solutions and “unlimited possibilities” when it comes to illuminating their exhibitions.

Architectural Resource Gallery

Casino Barrière Biarritz

Designers at Quartiers Lumières installed Rosco Image Spot fixtures with B&W Glass Custom Gobos to project ocean-themed images in the car park of Casino Barrière Biarritz in the seaside city of Biarritz, France.

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